Small cracks in the fibreglass housing give it a subtle texture. A single ageing mainframe in a large bank wedged between others. Lights flare intermittently. LED signals. A housing for subsystems, one of the semi-obsolete Oldmen. Constructs from early iterations of the greater Central Atlantic Logic Farm. Floating in rows upon rows. Forming an endless grid stretching until it curves. Ascended consciousness, multiplicity and singularity. This is the Hive Ascendant Living Firmware.

The advent of uploaded consciousness led to the death of the human cell. Prior notions of mind body symbiotic relationship became outdated. The first mainframe housed neurological program went online in the late 22nd century. Since then the synth-organism has grown exponentially.

Digital streams of light burn in flickering patterns. Simulating some antiquated concept of setting suns. The landscape of ether-networked reality bends in all directions. Identity travel lines and Hive Generated Content squares contort through fragmented helixes that reproduce infinitely. Individual identities traverse these pathways. Grouping and subdividing into the individual HGC squares.

Sputtering with age. With parsing blocks that cause frequent stalls, Oldmen become a hindrance to the Hive and need to be cannibalised.

One grid square of millions. The bright lights of passing idents fade and dissolve into the emptiness of sub system CALFgrd_ref0000149.01. An Oldmen construct. At one time 149.01 housed HGC rec streams integral to program scrubbing functions. A central hub of ident traffic. But ageing hardware and increasingly eccentric program parameters have caused stalls and disruptions to neighbouring grid sectors.

“… I?001Am?10##1011De-Tached1110#Separate00110BIFURCATED#000101Unhing-ed-ed#111TheSwarms1#1 0001#Identities-ies-ies10Brok-en01100#PriorFunct-ion1#Sub-Routine101PROG_SCRUB#1000Un-Funct-Ion1#1111111#Incomlete-ete100SOLE0Conscio-Personality-PERSON?100##010See11Below1001#OverLay01Ether-net-reality-ity11#Blind-ing10 000Twisted1#Helio-Ruin11110100Spiralling#1Desola-ti-on-on10111111111101111111001#THEHive0000Scrapes01010100-01001101 …”

The Wall. Acting as damage control and physical agent.

A complex standalone system. Overlord.

Monitoring the idents and HGC activity. Its primary function is to maintain the floating grid work of the Central Atlantic Logic Farm. It has autonomy. Its physical functions extend to the control of cybernetic seekers tending to the body of the synth-organism. It is 149.01s time to meet The Wall.

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