The World of Endymion

Do you want happiness and joy forever?

Entertainment that’s beyond measure.

It won’t fade over time but will create,

An ever stronger safe haven for you.

Of listless comfort and sweet dreams,

Good health and opportunities.

Each morning in this new paradise,

We celebrate our dedication,

Through rings of celebration.

To be free from depression.

To escape the fears and ugliness,

Of civilisation rotting. Withdraw

Yourself from unhealthy congestion,

Darkened thoughts, and dreary days.

You need not search anymore.

Yes in spite of your weariness,

Step forth we have the cure.

The remedy for a lost self.

Such is our digital sky and moon,

With each turn behold a visual boon.

Simple beauty and complex geometry.

This virtual reality holds clear

Details to provide certainty. Crisp

Absolutes to afford shelter.

Against the harsh life outside

Our land is rich and sublime.

Here your glory will be assured.

For all who shall pass overhead,

Worthy legends will be read.

Know that for any who leave,

Final tribute is the sweetest reprieve.


Life’s woes take root deeper than skin,

Malignant till cleansed from within.

Afflicted from this harsh world.

Enter our realm and see,

As deep as your wound may be,

Our virtual moon will leave you healed.

Just give yourself over totally

And have credit for eternity.

Not to act is to stagnate, resign

Your soul to its tormented fate.

Spiralling hauntingly down,

Malevolent thoughts will remain,

Ever deeply until you choose death.


It is with full intent and zeal

That happiness does more appeal,

I delve into the world of Endymion.

The very music of the name has gone

Into my being, and each pleasant scene

Is growing fresh inside me as the green

Of my new reality.

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