5 Days of Vice

This piece is a surrealist semi-biographical attempt to peer into uncomfortable aspects of human life. I have experienced vice as something that is merely transferred and never eradicated. And so through this piece I wanted to aesthetically—and narratively—portray a rotation between vices, a daily changing addiction. … More 5 Days of Vice

Life As A Pissant

When I began writing this semi-autobiographical piece I intended to amalgam some of the unpalatable aspects of my past to create a pitiful, dislikeable, and unapologetic character. Some aspects of this story attempt to deal with my feelings living inside the habitat that I created for myself as a youth. … More Life As A Pissant


This piece is a short science fiction narrative adapted from a nonsensical limerick:

There was an old man
And he had a calf
And that’s half
He took him out of the stall
And put him in the wall
And that’s all … More 149.01

The Red Hour

The Red Hour is a highly surrealist and subjective ethnographic exploration of a few community music events. I sought to express my own neurosis and influences to provide a creative narrative that subverts traditional notions of ethnography. … More The Red Hour